6 Words For Your Younger Self

Would you do it all again? Or run in the other direction?

June 30, 2017 ‚óŹ 2 min read

Gathered by Richie Nakano | Image via iStock and ChefsFeed


Q: In six words or less, what advice would you give your younger self?

On Relationships

David Santos Don't get married.

Liz Subauste Don't take things personally. 

John du Toit Stay single. 

Christopher Parks Never see your friends again, ever. 

Max Bauer Don't be so nice to people. 

On Entrepreneurship

Scott Birss Trust no one. Invent the cronut. 

Michelle Pusateri Sell a service not a product. 

Kai Kronfield Write/stick to a business plan. 

Benjamin Parks It's better to own than work.

Curtis Gamble Payroll tax is a mother fucker.

Harrison Keevil Learn the business of cooking. 

Jonathan Kosorek Location, location , location, location, location, location. 

Jason M Donaho Be patient and learn food cost. 

On Culinary School

Bill Crites Don't go to culinary school, bill. 

Justin Klauba Medical School is a better choice. 

Nicholas James Fasanella CIA is all about the money. 

Jeremy Esterly Don't go to culinary school. 

On Balance

Oni Gastronomy JayMidwood Get adopted by rich, ignorant parents...

Joseph Hall Cook for fun, not for work.    

Brandon Santspree Your body and mind are first. 

Faun Skyles Dive deep, build community, find balance. 

Jack Cholin Have a hobby. 

Preston Madson Take time off. 

Aaron Hoskins Slow down. 

Erin Kanagy-Loux Relax, it's just cake.

Trevor Kunk Don't be a dick. 

Vinny Eng Kindness is more courageous than anger. 

Simón de Swaan Be very patient. Careers take time. 

Tyson Cole Be patient, good things will come. 

Jared Clark Levin Find balance learn spanish no drugs.

On Paying Dues

Amber Breckenridge TAKE YOUR ASS TO CLASS. 

Mathew Lindberg Hold steady. It will come.

Alex Clemens "Learn to cook, you big dummy." 

On the Future

Casey Rebecca Nunes Your hand modeling days are done.

Kat LeSueur Have a long term backup plan. 

Brooke Mosley Have a plan.

Deborah Maukar Everything works out in the end.

The Calphalon Don ONE DAY YOU'LL LOVE THIS. 

On Career Choice

Hiro Bloamcado Fuck college. Stay in the kitchen. 

Gabriel Lowe Bar tend. 

Jonathan Kosorek Make money elsewhere, cook for fun.

David Varley Listen kid. Go to dental school.

Nico Hoogendijk Get out now dad is right. 

Matt Derrick "You'd be a better waiter." 

Lyndsay H. Pullem Stay in school. Get your medical degree. 

Ed Casey Fuck college, stay in the kitchen. 

Becky Masson Where's my accounting degree? 

Catherine Schimenti Be a teacher. 

Joshua C Kemble Do this as a hobby instead. 

Liza Shaw Become a refrigerator repair tech. 

On Partying

Casey Thompson You will despise cigarettes one day. 

DJ Larkin Stop drinking. As much. Before brunch. 

Maya Lovelace Save money don't drink it all. 

Matt Sullivan Cocaine isn't that cool. 

Travis Rea Don't like Fernet? Tough shit! 

Jonathan Kosorek It's only fun, till it's not.

Ryan Lachaine Lay off the booze.

Josh Pulley Do less drugs, drink more whiskey. 

On Self Care

Adam Ross Use cornstarch in employee bathroom.

Jeffrey Fliegler Take better care of myself—stretch.

Thy Tran Take care of your body. 

David Volk Don't get a full sleeve/mustache. 

Dana Cree Anxiety doesn't give you an edge. 

On Traps

Han Ly Hwang DONT DO IT! IT'S A TRAP! 

Alex Park It's a trap.

On Hype

Antelmo Faria Don't get caught in the hype. 

Arno Holschuh Most people are haters.

Adam Greenberg Instagram will change everything. #unicornfood 

On Learning the Craft

Gus Stieffenhofer-Brandson Don't get comfortable, always push on. 

Pedro El Neufeldo Take notes.

Mark Noguchi Take it ALL in... 

Alfonso Ramirez Stay and learn more.....

John Maher Don't blow up TK's fava farce. 

Lori Sauer It's just food. 

Marissa Ferril Don't suck. 

Mei Lin Shoulda started traveling earlier. 

Ginger Pierce Never be afraid to fail.

Trace Tedde-Vega Meat is more fun than pastries.

Timothy T Stay where they're willing to teach. 

Kev Mac Imagine you paid for this dish.