5 Spots To Up Your S'mores Game

If you thought the holy trinity of graham, marshmallow, and chocolate couldn't be improved—step into the light.

August 14, 2017 ● 1 min read

By Priya Krishna | Image Kelly Vandellen via iStock and Derek Salvatore

Is there any dessert more reminiscent of summer camp than s’mores?

There is something so inherently enjoyable about smushing a gooey, slightly charred marshmallow in between two graham crackers and a layer of milk chocolate. And though it’s the kind of treat we tend to associate with our childhood, it really does rock just as hard when you're an adult.

Know what's even better? Having someone else perfectly execute the smushing for you. Here are five restaurants serving grown-up takes on s’mores that bring the campfire to your dining table.  

1.     Olmsted (New York):

Once summer starts to fade into fall, Olmsted turns its charming garden into a cozy refuge, complete with homemade vanilla marshmallows, Runner & Stone graham crackers, and Hershey’s chocolate for making s’mores right at your table.

2.     DC Harvest (Washington, D.C.):

D.C. Harvest presents s’mores in Pot de Crème form, with a silky chocolate mousse topped with charred marshmallows and served with crumbly graham cracker cookies.

3.     Yellow House Café (Los Angeles):

In this adorable KTown sanctuary, you can roast your own marshmallows over the restaurant’s mini outdoor fire pits while wrapped up in a warm blanket. You can even have your s’mores in latté form.

4.     Frontier (Chicago):

Frontier’s indulgent take on a s’more involves a giant marshmallow that gets doused in toffee, caramel sauce, and bittersweet chocolate, then torched to order. No graham cracker required.

5.     Tillman’s Roadhouse (Dallas):

The inviting spot in Dallas’ Oak Cliff neighborhood puts a contemporary spin on its tableside s’mores, with homemade marshmallows, cinnamon-laced graham crackers, and dark chocolate squares in place of the standard Hershey’s milk chocolate.