New Mixtapes For Your Weekend

Deep cuts from the week.

August 18, 2017 ● 2 min read

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Kitchen mixes are as distinct as the chefs who run them. 

And, it should be noted, they serve many different purposes. Staring down a mountain of prep? Inspiration at a standstill? Energy dipping in the dining room between turns? Music is the invisible force field that pushes all of it through to the next level.

Here's what's new from our chefs this week. 

ScHoolboy Q/Getty; 'Be Our Guest'/Disney

Chef Casey Rebecca Nunes of Media Noche, San Francisco

Just when you've got ScHoolboy Q cranked to 11 and you think you've got her figured out, Chef Nunes will throw in a tune from a Broadway classic"I'm eclectic AF. Musical theatre nerdery x love for rap/hip-hop music x food references = It Me," she writes. What to expect: A Tribe Called Quest, Angela Lansbury, Cam'ron, Beastie Boys.


Chef Cameron Hanin, Ma'ono Fried Chicken and Whisk(e)y, Seattle

"Summer is punk music time, and there are few better/more cathartic ways to deal with current events than by listening to Jello Biafra wail, 'Nazi punks fuck off!'" says Hanin. Of his mix, he adds: "Some new, so old, some fast, some pop, and some local PNW gems." What to expect: The Clash, Bad Brains, The Murder City Devils, and Dead Kennedys. 


Tacocat/Kelly O for Spin; Black Lips 

Chef Jeffrey Vance, No Anchor, Seattle

A little bit of everything fuels the kitchen at new Seattle favorite No Anchor. New wave, pop punk, female-fronted hardcore, rap jams—whatever gets the blood flowing. "Sometimes we just like a song and play the shit out of it," writes Vance. What to expect: Tacocat, Black Lips, Ceremony, Princess Nokia.


Chef Jason Alley, Comfort, Pasture, Virginia 

"I wanted to make a mix that really [felt] like the end of summer," Alley writes. "There are still road trips to be had, grills to fire up, but the pools are closing, kids are going back to school, and the last slow times before the busy season aren't over yet." It's rock, with just a touch of melancholy. What to expect: Waxahatchee, The Hold Steady, Cheap Trick, and The New Pornographers. 


Tune in next week for new additions!