Spring Dishes Coming Out of Hibernation

Spring brings a ton of inspiring ingredients into the kitchen, so we pulled up some dishes from the Chefs Feed database that celebrate its seasonal ingredients like asparagus, peas, rhubarb, strawberries, and artichokes. Be on the lookout for these chef-picked dishes as menus make the shift over from winter to spring in the coming months.

March 18, 2014 ‚óŹ 2 min read

Spring pea guacamole at ABC Cocina in New York City, recommended by chef Daniel Boulud (we're told it's coming sometime in April)

Seasonal salads at Cafe Chloe in San Diego, recommended by chef Jason McLeod (we're told this exact version pictured might not be back but there's plenty of lovely spring seasonal salads on the way)

Strawberry rhubarb pie at Chile Pies in San Francisco, recommended by chef Ruggero Gadaldi (we're told it's coming in about 2 weeks)

Burrata with speck, English peas and mint at Osteria Mozza in Los Angeles, recommended by chef Tony Esnault (we're told it's currently on the menu)

Asparagus Sandwich at Meat Cheese Bread in Portland, recommended by chef Scott Dolich (we're told it's already available in a green bean version)

Strawberry milkshake at Robert Is Here Fruit Stand in Miami, recommended by chef Norman Van Aken (we're told it's currently on the menu)

Grilled artichokes at Houston's in Atlanta, recommended by chef Anne Quatrano (we're told it's currently on the menu)

Wild nettles and Pecorino pizza at Pizzaiolo in Oakland, recommended by chef Kim Alter (we're told it's on the menu frequently, but it all depends on what they find at the farmer's market that day)