A Tale of 3 Bomb-Ass Burgers

Revisit some classics from the archives.

August 23, 2017 ● 1 min read

We've got a soft spot for burgers.

Especially really, really, beautiful ones. Since it's #BurgerWeek over here, it's a perfect time to take a stroll through some of the patty prettiness we've captured on camera over the years. From the perfectly executed to the deeply meaningful, burgers are one of our all-time favorite things to argue about and fawn over. Even when they're bad, we love them

Watching all three of these videos, then trying to shake the inevitable cravings that follow is pretty rough: best have a reliable diner in mind, just in case. 


Go step-for-step with Chef Chris Kronner and his eponymous Kronnerburger. Part dry-aged Holstein, part grass-fed Angus, Kronner likes his burgers "bloody, bloody rare." The toppings are pure Americana—the optional side of bone marrow is, as they say, icing on the cake. >>>


Before he was your favorite VICE host, Matty Matheson was a chef in the midst of a major life change after suffering a heart attack at age 29. We caught up with Matheson in Toronto, and got the low-down on what the famous P&L Burger represented for his career.  >>>


Sometimes it's the dark horse who wins your heart. In a sea of oozing egg garnishes and brioche debates, the humble hamburgesa with guacamole is total perfection for Chef Alexander Ong, who orders it on the reg in San Francisco. >>>