The Arizona Food Town That Should Absolutely Be On Your Culinary Radar

Welcome to the family, Tucson.

October 5, 2017 ● 1 min read

Nobody tells you when you’re in a food town. You feel it.

Each dish manages to remind you exactly where you are, setting off your subconscious like a tuning fork and affirming a sense of all that came before. Colors bleed from the outside in, and the cook back in the kitchen moves with the kind of urgency fueled by a need for expression. 

That’s how you know Tucson is the real deal.

At ChefsFeed, every word we write or video we make is meant to celebrate the culinary minds who go all in on one question: what does it mean for something to be delicious? Is flavor finite, or does it just keep changing and shifting and expanding, forever? The hard part is keeping track of where they all are, and gathering up the kind of on-the-ground intel that tips you off when something really spectacular is happening. 

Well, bells are going off about this big-little town in Southern Arizona, and we’re stoked to finally introduce you to the talents who have been doing the ringing for years. 
Of course, the locals always knew Tucson was something special. It turns out, so too did the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), which designated Tucson the first World City of Gastronomy in the U.S., just two years ago. Now, together with Visit Tucson, we’ve enlisted over fifty of the city’s best chefs and restaurants to give you a new treasure map—with all the legitimacy and panache you’ve come to expect from this community. 

So head to the desert, seekers of the sublime. Here’s a guide to get you started