What Was The Best Thing You Ate Last Week?

You guys went hard, and we respect that.

October 6, 2017 ● 6 min read

By Richie Nakano | Collage ChefsFeed

We asked, and damn, did you deliver: here's what you told us about the dishes that stopped you in your tracks last week.

Mei Lin, Top Chef winner, roaming renegade chef. "Poached Halibut, uni, braised daikon, matsutake, matsu-dashi at Le Bernardin." 

"I had an event in NYC and took my cooks out when they got in. One of them had never been to NYC before, and what’s more NYC than LB? It was four of us, and we decided to eat in the lounge because it’s a bit more casual. You still have to have a jacket; the environment in the lounge is more “chill” but the level of service is still very fine dining. I don’t think I’ve ever had a bad meal at LB. [We] pretty much ordered the entire à la carte menu, [but] the kitchen sent a few dishes out—the one that stood out to me the most was the halibut. The fish was poached perfectly, and uni, daikon, matsutake accompanied very nicely! I love that LB is so “simple” in the sense that it uses few ingredients and everything is just seasoned perfectly."   

Emilie Rose Mita, Izakaya Mita. "Homemade crab rangoon, with actual crab and farmers cheese."   

"Ok, so a restaurant I used to work at was closing for two weeks, so I raided their walk in for stuff that wouldn't last. I made the crab rangoon because I had all the things I needed to make it, basically for free. The restaurant is called Acadia and it has two stars, so it was probably the most expensive crab rangoon ever made. The cheese came from a farm in Wisconsin. The stuff told me what to make: duck eggs, farmers cheese, crab, green onion. It was a no-brainer."   

Jimmy Lê, chef. "Mie ayam with chicken skin cracklins."

"This was a meal I made at home [with] a friend who is Indonesian. We are both pretty good cooks, so we just decided to make some noodle dishes for a pop-up I'm trying to work on. Vietnamese pho, Japanese ramen, Korean cold noodles, and the mie ayam. [It's] basically a chicken noodle soup with mushrooms, sweet soy sauce, and chicken (in this case thigh). The noodles are close to a Japanese ramen and the chicken broth is seasoned with mushroom powder and Japanese sea salt."   

Eric Shevchenko, farmer, Old World Rabbitry. "Rabbit hunter's stew with rye bread. Farm dinner."   

"Ukrainian hunter's stew! Comfort food for me, as we hunted and raised rabbits growing up. The dinner was for my birthday, [and] my daughter and a few friends came over to enjoy the meal. We spent the afternoon prepping the rabbits for this dinner. It's an amazing bonding experienced to be with friends and family and be able to provide such flavorful and savory dishes for them in your home. Sometimes we lack this eating out at restaurants. We are hoping to expand our farm and offer dinners like this to people as we progress."          

Some of you went out and got fancy:

Chaz Brown: A foie gras hand roll with rice crispy cereal, and maple syrup.
Jeff Gordinier: Red shrimp & uni dish at Flora Bar in Manhattan.
Vijay Patel: US Wagyu ribeye steak with garlic rice at Hitachino Beer & Wagyu. 
David Bazirgan: Wild Maine bluefin toro tossed with a little soy and sesame over some nice greens, cucumber, black cherry tomatoes with fried shallots and furikake. 
Todd Perrin: Seared partridge breast, thyme, and brown butter.
Philip Speer: Beef fat brioche donuts with beef tongue at Smyth. So fucking good. The whole meal was incredible but that’s my can’t-shake dish. Finished with MATSUTAKE. 
Christian Clark: The paté at Villon.
@funwithknives: 4 ounces of bottarga over radicchio. 
@jenn_face: I had omakase at Shiro's last week. Wanted to cry when I had the uni. But for real, I made a bomb pasta salad yesterday. 
@jbasurfstar: Caviar cream cheese from Russ and Daughters.   
Gregory León: Dinner at Prune in NYC. We had the sweetbreads, the cold shrimp apprised, cold corn soup, 1/2 roasted chicken, whole branzino, duck breast and lamb ribs. 

Some of you went in for the last of the season, or the beginning of a new one:

DJ Larkin: My coworker gave me some eggs from her chickens, and I made an omelette with some tomatoes from my CSA.

@marymaryq3: A bowl of blueberries and strawberries. 
@shamptonian: Roasted carrots from the garden.
@mysticconnie: Buttermilk-brined roast chicken and tomato bread salad. Even the cold leftovers were good.  
@jennieleigh: Sweet potato, onion & halloumi grilled skewers, cilantro and lime dressing.     

Some of you miss your Mom:

Alex Park: Made mom's kimchi and pork dumplings. 
Anne K. Jacobs: My mom's panko-breaded catfish and chips. 
@ameeko: My folks' kasujiru.

The breakfast game was strong:

Phyllis Grant: Sourdough English muffins with hella salted butter and my mom's apricot jam. 
@onlyonemarisa: Lightly buttered crumpet. So simple and not something I buy very often because they cost so much more than English muffins. 
@gln: The biscuits and gravy I made for breakfast on Sunday. 
Ben Wenner: Steak and cheddar eggs served on top of a cornmeal pancake with jalapeño jam at Tasty n Sons. It was killer. 
@jaytovah: Action Bronson challah with a twist—Maldon, fresh vanilla bean, saffron, EVOO. 
@violetblue: A peacemaker—half-and-half Benedict. Candied bacon and egg on [one] biscuit, spicy smoked salmon and egg on [the other] biscuit, topped with fried capers. 

As was that thing when it's either a really early breakfast or really late dinner:

Casey Thompson: 2 am quesadilla after a Wagyu ribeye cap.

Little oily fishes stole some hearts:

Leif Hedendal: Puntarelle with sardine, boquerones, avocado, lime, and herbs. 
Kari Young: Dried anchovies with Sriracha. 
Jeff Gordinier: Canned sardines, at home, spritzed with lemon juice, on top of toasted sourdough slices with copious amounts of butter. You really cannot hold back on the butter if you want to make this right.  

Some of you went m
agnificently low-brow:

Scott Birss: Cookie dough. Is there a shame emoji?

Sophie Rose Schatan: Top Ramen.
Yoni Levy: A pickled jalapeno.
Erin Vogan: Cheerios.
Karen Brooks: Pizza Hut pizza and wings.
Kerstin Bellah: Double-double. Animal style fries, no spread.
@jennie_bu: Ranch dressing. 

Some just made the best of it: 

@justinlalor: An (old, cold) veal rack rib while standing in the corner of the walk-in. Been a rough week. 
Kai Kronfield: Wing Wings fried chicken nearing the end of a 33-mile bike ride. 

Some paid homage to places or people:

Joey Elenterio: Granny Smith Apple and almond butter, 4000 feet above Lake Tahoe. Sometimes it’s the surroundings and people your with that make something so simple so perfect.
Marianne Mattson Paloncy: Roasted chicken dunked in Nong's Khao Man Gai sauce with chicken fat rice. 
Annie Southworth: Sunflower Vietnamese, they re-opened the Valencia Street side and it's still great. 

Some of you attacked it as a team:

Hollis Grant: Toss up: Mary's brisket for Rosh Hashana dinner, or the chicken liver mousse at SPQR to celebrate their 10th Anniversary.
Lisa Robins: I was with Hollis Grant for the chicken liver mousse at SPQR, and it barely edges out Stephan's house-cured anchovies at Barbacco. 
Ed Casey: Lindsey and I went halvsies on these two sandwiches and neither one of us can decide which one we liked better, so we're gonna do it again this weekend. 

Of course, most of you rode for the simple pleasures:

Liza Shaw: Oysters at The Marshall Store. Hopefully not full of plastic.
Armando Casco: Toto’s Pizza.
Isaac DeLamatre: Hashbrown steak bowl at Waffle House.
Ryan Lachaine: Cabbage rolls at Kachka.
Gary Fx LaMorte: Salumi Tako Yaki with Karashi mustard at Paid In Full Las Vegas by Jason Olson.
Starla Ann Dodge: Chicken enchiladas.
Arno Holschuh: Samosa Cholla at Vic's.
Sherman Buena: BBQ Brisket from Native Sons BBQ.
James Trees: Hand-cut noodle chow mein from Shang Noodle. Insanity.
Nick Hall: Smoked Masala Brisket at Himalaya Restaurant & Catering. Hands down.
Casey Rebecca Nunes: Sopa de patas at Los Panchos.
Brittney Gilbert Leone: Baklava. 
Justin Simoneaux: Boiled shrimp and a soft shell crab po'boy. 
Ruthie Knudsen: Braised beef shank with Krimson Lee peppers! 
Mario Tolentino: Braised beef tendon soup from Lers Ros.
Trace Tedde-Vega: Rice cake and spicy beef yesterday in a little paper cup. Holy crap it was good.
Tyson Cole: Meatballs and garlic bread and polenta at Red Ash.
Quim ヅ Jardí Ferrer: Tori paitan ramen with Sephardic spices.
Chuck Siegel: Lamb and green onion from Old Mandarin Islamic.
Shuna Lydon: Lamb chops from Finger Lakes Farms & sauteed apples.
Heather Thompson Noll: Smoked Tuna Empanadas from Hacienda Cocina y Cantina in Cabo. I could have eaten 10 of them!
Naomi Pisnieski: Tonight. Broken Spanish in DTLA was the shit. Fuck!
@eizelle: Homemade meatballs with bucatini.
@brooke_mosley: Grilled green papaya, marinated in lime, Red Boat, chilies and peanut oil. 
@sfbaylocal: Nanny duty, last night's dinner: Oven barbecue chicken which four kids and I devoured (I only had one thigh btw). Simple, comfort food. 
@theburlychef: Homemade pierogies. 
@lebronjim_: I browned a piece of roughy in butter, then wrapped it in tin foil with cherry tomatoes, feta, and oregano and baked it for 20 minutes.
@hailsyeah: Kimchi stew and ramen noodles from Namu Stonepot.
@jongreschler: Pizza at the new Oakwood Pizza Box. 
@alison2glitter: Khua kling dry pork curry, $0.85. 
@bbrrains: Horse meat, not even joking. 
@hessianchef: Mushroom Bolognese, Besciamela, Parmesan. 
@stretch_rothman: Kouign-Amann. 
@eyesofbigbro: Blueshell crabs at Namaste in Baltimore. 
@dill9: Piri-piri chicken from Fat Rice. 
@MikeHartley7: Parillada at Teotihuacan in Htown with beef, shrimp, carnitas, poblano salsa, guac, and handmade tortillas for lunch. 
@rwhyr: Malabar Parota from Udupi Palace.
@charmcitycook: Steamed Maryland crabs!
@spanktar: Corn off the cob from Juhu Beach Club, Oakland.                      

We can't wait to hear what happens next. Find us at @chefsfeed and tell us what you're stoked on right now.