Want to Know What's Good In The Twin Cities? There's An App For That

*cough* us! *cough*

December 13, 2017 ● 1 min read

CF Staff | Images chimpyk via iStock, Collage ChefsFeed

If we had it our way, we'd be in every city—and town, and village—that's home to great chefs. (Read: everywhere.)  

As with all good things, it just takes time. Today marks a new landmark on our slow march to world domination: We've added 150 new dishes at 40 of the best restaurants across the Twin Cities, all waiting to be discovered by you and everyone you know. 

“I love the Twin Cities! Great people, lots of culture, great food," says local chef Erick Harcey of beloved powerhouse Upton 43. "Both cities are growing and becoming so diverse, [but] they still have a small town feel. Two cities make it twice as nice!”  

While the coastal behemoths are usually the ones caught boasting unmatched culinary diversity, the food scenes of Minneapolis and St. Paul are not to be overlooked. Our newest additions are besotted by the burgeoning gastronomic variety that's become a hallmark of their home turf. “I love the variety of cuisine. Whatever you're craving, there is a place that does it right, and does it deliciously,” says chef James Hones [Republic, Delicata Pizza and Gelato]. “That makes a chef creative, [and] brings something new to the table. There are a lot of opportunities to really establish your own name.”   

“With the amalgamation of great music, art, and cuisine, [it's] the greatest,” adds fellow chef Leonard Anderson [Tongue in Cheek]. “The diversity in seasons keeps you evolving and changing as a chef, [and] it makes you really feel the correlation between the changing of seasons and transitions of harvest. Now that the food scene is finally getting the recognition it deserves, it feels like we’ve arrived.”

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