All the Slang That's Fit to Spit

The kitchen has a language all its own. Consider this your crash course.

December 14, 2017 ‚óŹ 1 min read


CF Staff | Image Annie Wong for ChefsFeed

Want to sound super extra smart and soigné?

We've got you covered, with a new season of our animated show Chef Slang, exclusively on Facebook Watch! Check it out by hitting up the Watch section on Facebook, and be sure to follow the show page so that new episodes are automatically added to your Watchlist. (And while you're there, drop into our show page for Worst Shift Ever and cringe-watch the whole season!)

First up in the season? 86'd

Follow that show page for weekly episodes featuring your fave chefs like:

Diego Galicia - Mixtli
Anita Lo - Consulting Chef
David McMillan - Le Vin Papillon, Liverpool House, Joe Beef
Preeti Mistry - Navi Kitchen
Bonnie Morales - Kachka
Sheldon Simeon - Tin Roof
BJ Smith - Smokehouse Tavern & Kim Jong Smokehouse
Jeffrey Vance - No Anchor
Jessi Singh - Babu Ji