A Note About Douglas Greenwood, the Owner of Bleecker Street Pizza

In tribute to one of ChefsFeed's first believers.

January 5, 2018 ● 1 min read

By Rich Maggiotto, CEO, ChefsFeed | Image via scoutmob/YouTube

Just before the holidays, we received word that Douglas Greenwood—a friend of ours, an investor in ChefsFeed, a heroic retired NYPD Police Captain, and a restaurateur—had passed.  

As the commander on the scene of The Pile for the NYPD, he spent 40 consecutive days in the wake of the attack heroically rescuing and sifting through the rubble. Unfortunately, his courage meant extended exposure to ground zero conditions, spawning health issues that ultimately contributed to his passing. We offer our sincere condolences to his family and friends.

14 years ago, Doug took his grandmother’s pizza recipe and started Bleecker Street Pizza in The West Village. Bleecker, to this day, is one of the rare, hallowed spots endorsed by real New Yorkers. The classical "Nonna Maria"—mozz, tomato, and basil— wins awards, but The Sicilian steals hearts. Just ask Chef Daniel Holzman, who added his sentiment to ChefsFeed with this recommendation: “I guess the argument over who has the best slice in the city is never-ending, but of right now, I vote Bleecker Street.” 

Doug and I spoke by phone a handful of times and I sat down with him in May of 2015 at the restaurant. Doug, proud of his pizza, plowed me with slice after slice. His passion for his creation was contagious. In his typical humble, salt-of-the-earth way, he shared his personal story with me…and I was floored. When I explained to him what we were trying to do with ChefsFeed, he immediately got it. Soon thereafter, Doug joined our investor group as a participant in an early round. He believed completely in ChefsFeed, the industry need, and our mission, and I wholeheartedly welcomed his involvement. 

Bleecker Street isn’t just any pizzeria, just like Doug wasn't just any investor. Bleecker is a restaurant after our own hearts—an unpretentious, caring, simple stop that serves up great pizza in a focused way. It’s everything we’re about. It remains among the very best pizza in NYC, if not the country. It’s modesty and quality are an extension of its founder.

I’m heartbroken that he’s gone.