Let's Make Some Predictions About The Shadowy, Far-Flung Future of 2018

Gird your loins, food-lovers.

December 27, 2017 ● 2 min read

By Richie Nakano | Collage ChefsFeed

This new world of ours moves fast.

And because everyone is hell-bent on knowing what's coming down the pike, we uh, "reached out" to a panel of industry experts, chefs, and thought leaders to bring you these very official and verified ChefsFeed 2018 Food Trend Predictions. Tl;dr: everything will be totally fine! More rotisserie spots will open! Bar food will continue to be a thing!

The war between fast food Twitter accounts will carry on.

Wendy’s will gain some heavy ground early in the year, but dark horse long shot Del Taco will win the fast food Twitter wars by repeatedly pointing out that Wendy’s serves square hamburgers like a damn serial killer.  

Snapchat will partner with Make It Nice...

...and release a new augmented reality filter so you can make it look like you’re eating a tasting menu at Eleven Madison Park or a burger at Shake Shack without spending a dime. Instagram will copy this idea, but completely miss the mark by partnering with Chipotle.  

Four words: Shrimp Chips WITH WEED.   

Top Chef will switch formats to become a Battle Royale style show.

Think The Hunger Games, only everyone is armed with frying pans and microplanes.  

Cocktails will rise in price again. 

From $14 to $38. The price increase will be part of the Republican Tax Bill, with all of the money directly funding the search for Paul Ryan’s dignity.   

The French Laundry will pivot...

...and become a fast-casual poke concept.  

A restaurant that doesn’t actually serve food—

but has a 30 different highly Instagrammable murals in it — will be booked out six months in advance after winning Bon Appetit’s Best New Restaurant 2018.   

Three words: Omakase WITH WEED.

Jordan Kahn’s next act:

An Andy Kaufman-esque dinner theatre of well-done steak, ketchup, Big Macs and Diet Coke served by Russian waiters. No one will get the joke and he will receive a very in-earnest one-star review from Pete Wells.  

By June:

64% of cooks in the United States will be employed by Facebook. “The $40 an hour wage and stock options were just too good to pass up,” one cook will tell us.  Shrug.

Guy Fieri!

...will let his hair grow back to its natural color, before starring in a very serious show around food policy issues produced by Netflix.  

Gordon Ramsay will finally have a breakdown while taping Hell's Kitchen.

“Do you know how much it hurts me to hurt you?" he'll say through tears. "When I'm disappointed in you, I'm disappointed in myself.” He will run off-set and disappear from the public eye for 13 years.  

A place that you kinda liked to eat at 10 years ago will close—

—and you will go on social media to loudly complain about it. Because that is how we live now.