ON THE APP: You Can Now Find Us in San Antonio!

Praise the puffy taco powers that be.

January 31, 2018 ● 1 min read

Rome was not conquered in a day. The same could be said of the Texas culinary scene.

To anyone from outside the Lone Star State, the sheer volume of off-the-chain deliciousness can be intimidating. The varieties of taco and breadth of barbecue boggle the mind. Each city is uniquely positioned to steal your heart—so the only thing to do is go down the list, one by excellent one, and spend some quality time in each.

As for us, we're currently mid-love affair with San Antonio, which is why you can now find over 30 restaurants and 20-plus chefs dedicated to showing you the very best of the Alamo.

“Spending time overseas as a child instilled a true appreciation and love for the city of San Antonio [in me]—the quality of life is superb and enriched by an evolving and diverse food culture makes it an exciting time to be in the industry," says Tim Rattray, chef of The Granary 'Cue & Brew. "The McNay art museum and numerous missions in the city are particular favorites to frequent when I have downtime.“ 

Downtime? Was that a chef, talking about real-life downtime? Why yes, you see, because San Antonio boasts the kind of laid-back life quality that allows creativity to go through the proverbial roof. "[The city has] allowed me to grow as a chef and an artist," adds Rico Torres, chef-owner of Mixtli. "Every time I visit a new city, I'm reminded that San Antonio is the perfect place to call home. Because that's where the tacos are!"

The thing that you encounter in most San Antonians is an inability to choose just one great thing about the food scene. Some love the Mexican influence and rock-steady traditions; for others, the open-minded public allows for something entirely new.  

"San Antonio is the crossroads of deep culinary cultures, a true melting pot of flavors," says Geronimo Lopez, chef of BOTIKA. "I love discovering all the little spots that make this city such a great gastronomic adventure." 

Start exploring the city with this custom guide, and show us what you find!