Amazing Dishes to Spend Your Tax Return On (Plus Cheap Eats If You Had to Pay Up)

If you're finding yourself with a little extra cash after Tax Day, you could do the responsible thing and save it... or you could treat yourself to one of these unique splurge dishes from the country's finest restaurants, like Saison, Daniel, and Mélisse. Not so lucky? We've also included a list of chef-picked cheap eats.

April 15, 2014 ● 2 min read

The splurges:

Chicago: Flora tasting menu from Grace, recommended by chef Matthew Accarrino.

Los Angeles: L
obster bolognese at Mélisse, recommend by chef Nyesha Arrington.

New York: Dishes prepared table side at Daniel, recommended by chef Daniel Humm.

Boston14-course chef's tasting menu at Clio, recommended by chef Brian Poe.

San FranciscoCaviar with cauliflower and smoked chicken jelly at Saison, recommend by chef Corey Lee.

The cheap eats:

San Diego: Lamb döner at The Kebab Shop, recommended by chefs Joe Magnanelli and Chad White.

Portland: Egg salad sandwich at Meat Cheese Bread, recommended by chef Gabriel Rucker.

Austin: Tori meshi at East Side King, recommended by chef Philip Speer.

Miami: Fish ceviche at Marcelo's Ceviches, recommended by chef Alberto Cabrera.

SeattlePhở chín gân at Than Brother, recommended by chef Rachel Yang.