We Wish Every Week Was Restaurant Week

In Sarasota, Florida, it is!

June 1, 2018 ‚óŹ 1 min read

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The most magical aspect of Restaurant Week is that for every preference — whether it's a steak that cuts like butter, freshly-caught seafood, or crisp, locally-sourced greens and vegetables—there are dozens of options, locations, and styles to explore and savor, all without putting a sizable dent in your wallet.

Plus, it gives you a new lens on the town you thought you knew. Take Sarasota, Florida, for example. Yes, it is a beachy paradise full of the kind of views that belong in that soothing screensaver you like, but it’s also home to some of the best chefs and cuisines from all over the world. Want to taste French and Greek cuisine in the same week? No problem. Peruvian? Check. Veg-forward wellness fare with, perhaps, a killer cut of pork belly on the side? Check, check.

Dip into any one of Sarasota’s 100-plus participating restaurants (full list here), anytime from June 1st to June 14th for custom prix-fixe multi-course menus—for just $16 per person for lunch, and $32 for dinner. Consider this permission to go nuts: take a long lunch! Enjoy the view! Go out twice in a day like the most luxurious of epicureans. We won’t tell.


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