ChefsFeed Indie Week Heads to Richmond

Check the line-up and get your tickets now for 8/23-8/26.

July 2, 2018 ‚óŹ 3 min read

There's no shortage of dining "experiences" out there.

You can (bravely) dress all in white and traipse out to a secret location the night of. You can sit for four hours and watch an edible symphony unfold in front of your face. You can go for volume, and hit up any convention center in any city and taste 900 wines and eat approximately 1,000 pieces of something you won't remember (because of the wine). They're all great. 

Call us cheesy, but we're looking for connection. We want to be moved, but in a chill way, where things can get a little raucous and fun. That's why ChefsFeed Indie Week exists: we take over restaurants all over the country, then break down the barriers between kitchen and dining room so you can interact with the chefs who just blew your mind.

This story is officially putting you on notice: Our next event is coming up August 23-August 26 in Richmond, VA, and tickets are on sale RIGHT NOW.

"Most chefs arrive nervous and unsure what to expect, but by the time Saturday rolls around, it’s like they’ve all known each other since culinary school and are best friends for life," says the event's master of ceremonies, Grover Smith. "The laid-back, positive environment that we’ve crafted sparks connections that mature into lifelong relationships. Everyone checks their egos at the door and the week truly is about sharing best practices, trading techniques, discussing industry issues, and learning about what the host city has to offer."

That energy buoys the dining room through three epic dinners; it's your best shot to witness unbridled creativity on the plate. No kowtowing to critics, no panic about food costs. 

"Most chefs are lured into this business because of their love of food, the creative output, the camaraderie. But the higher up the ladder you find yourself, the more the reality of chef life takes over. Before you know it, you’re spending more time in a spreadsheet or fixing your HVAC than you are working service or creating new dishes," Smith says. "The focus of CFIW is eliminating all of that noise. The dinners and experience are about the food and creation. You make what you want.

"We've looked past, or even glorified, certain fundamental issues that plague the industry and especially those working in it for too long," he adds. "An event like this allows chefs to share ways to improve the working conditions of their coworkers and support each other in helping to usher in that change. Every time we get together, we send 18 chefs back to their own markets all over the U.S., hungry to improve both their food and their operations for their family of employees."

The cool part? It's just as impactful for the participants. The newest host, chef Brittanny Anderson of Metzger Bar & Butchery and Brenner Pass, is a CFIW alum—which is just about the best endorsement you could ask for.  You know it's good when people want to bring the whole production to their front doorstep. 

"I'm so excited to bring such an amazingly talented group of chefs to experience Richmond and learn about our food community," she says. "I'm especially thrilled for our guests to get to taste so many different styles and types of cuisine all at one dinner in my restaurant."

Visiting chefs hail from D.C. to Seattle and everywhere in between. Here's a big ol' list of names to get you excited!

Brittanny Anderson (Brenner Pass, Richmond, VA), Cable Smith (The Royal, Washington, DC), James Kubie (Coquette, New Orleans, LA), Jeffrey Vance (No Anchor, Seattle, WA), Tim Ma (Kyirisan, Washington, DC), Adam Hall (Saison, Richmond, VA), Jon Yao (Kato Restaurant, Santa Monica, CA), Randall Doetzer (Nota Bene, Richmond, VA), Caitlyn Jarvis (Henrietta Red, Nashville, TN), Trigg Brown (Win Son, Brooklyn, NY), Jason Alley (Comfort, Richmond, VA), Brett Cooper (Aster, San Francisco, CA), Olivia Wilson (Brenner Pass, Richmond, VA), Ian Boden (The Shack, Staunton, VA), Kevin Tien (Himitsu, Washington, DC), Saw Naing (Tallula's, Santa Monica, CA), Jillian Bartolome (Aquí, Houston, TX), Shola Walker (Mahogany Sweets, Richmond, VA), Colleen Quarls (Turkey & the Wolf, New Orleans, LA), Adam Puskorius (Fixé Southern House, Austin, TX), Jennifer Jackson (Voyager, Detroit, MI), Justin Tootla (Lover's Only, Detroit, MI), and Annie Pettry (Decca, Louisville, KY).

The thought of all that talent in one room is almost too good to bear—but it's the sheer diversity of vision and culinary creation that leaves a lasting impact on everyone who witnesses it. These chefs come to play. "When you’re dining at a restaurant, you might feel like a bit of an outsider," Smith says. "At CFIW, we let you in."


If you're in the Richmond area, get your dang tickets! If you're not in the Richmond area, make a road trip out of it and GET YOUR DANG TICKETS! We'll see you there.