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"Ok,so I was checking my OSAKA posts and can’t believe that I wasn’t able to post our fab “Fish Nabe” using Buri (cold water Yellowfin) .It was a great & unique experience to have a master chef prepare this meal for the both of us.Again,thanks to @toyonaka_bunny who arranged this meal for us. #gcosaka2017 #chefgino #lakwachina Our nabe started with a refreshing Persimmon salad,then the following dishes were served Buri w shoyu w daikon and fresh wasabi,finished with shiso leaves Buri with chili ponzu & yuzu peel,fine julienne of cucumbers Buri aburi on a bed of white onions drizzled with balsamic & EVOO BURI tartar w white miso,japanese and regular ginger,topped with finely sliced spring onions Buri sushi Buri hotpot-grated raddish,bonito based stock Rice with mounds of Ikura Egg w Buri to end our meal"
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