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Tuna tartare
"So tuna tartare blah, blah, blah…. Tartare is like a Caesar salad—everyone has one but when you find someone who is killing it, you crave it from that place. This is the case with David Hawksworth’s recipe for tuna tartare. It is so perfectly cut, simply seasoned and delicately garnished that I do not go anywhere else for it in Vancouver. A tip—although not a usual pairing, I always have a Bombay and tonic in the lounge with this dish."
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Pulled pork pancakes
"This little 20-seat diner that fills up fast and always has a line. They make their own pulled pork and BBQ sauce with an R2-D2-sized smoker in the back of the kitchen. But what brings it all together is the best pancake I have ever tasted—savory, and slightly sweet with a crunchy exterior and a pillowy soft center that is to die for. The key to good pancakes is cooking them on cast iron, heated on a low temp for a long time before the batter hits the pan. And cooked only in butter, please."
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Pistachio pizza
"When they sell out, they close the door. I'm not usually a huge fan of this practice, but these guys get a pass from me. The pizza is outstanding, the pistachio in particular. It has fontina cheese and thinly shaved mortadella on top, and as it cooks, the mortadella gets sweaty with fat. They finish it with a bit of seasoning and freshly toasted, chopped pistachios. Not all mortadella is equal—this one has lots of large white specks of fat, and is riddled with pistachios throughout the loaf."
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Shrimp and grits
"I’m originally from the southern United States, and when I first went to Mamie Taylor’s, I was skeptical of its ability to do proper Southern fare. But when I ordered these shrimp and grits, I knew this would be a staple restaurant for me. Chef Tobias has also mastered fried chicken, fried green tomatoes, braised greens and a bourbon-spiked waffle that will make you freak out."
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Grilled lemon grass chicken with a spring roll on rice
"On days when you need some life pumped back into you, Pho Goodness is the place to go. This dish saves me every time and allows me to carry on with my life. The rich smokiness of the marinated chargrilled chicken thigh (skin on, of course) with the crunchy spring roll is one of the best things I’ve ever tasted. The key to eating this dish is to leave the chicken on top of the rice to allow the meat juices to sink into the rice. Add a splash of soy sauce to the rice and get down to it!"