Bob Cina at District Oakland


Bob Cina is the Executive Chef at District and Martin's West Gastropub.


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    San Francisco Magazine

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  • District
    216 Townsend St
    San Francisco, CA

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Behind the Scenes

Dim sum
"Go for the pork and vegetable Cha Siu Bao (though the bbq pork version is also great) and the perfectly seasoned shrimp Har gow (Xia Jiao) with bamboo shoots. And don't forget the soy and Hunan chili paste!"
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Croissant bread pudding
"This is so custardy and creamy that you would barely know it's a bread pudding of sorts, but you still get the slight bite from the baked croissant with a perfect balance of sweetness and hint of spice. It's a brilliant take on an old classic."
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Lobster ceviche
"This might be the best preparation of Maine lobster I've had here on the West Coast since moving from my homeland of Boston seven years ago. The poached lobster is tender but still has a slight bite to it. The avocado enhanced its richness, while the coconut and dots of Southeast Asian flavor brought it to such a clean but vibrant composition."
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Grilled octopus
"Chef Baz is a master at bringing this sea creature to the table. Octopus pairs well with many flavor profiles but it takes a delicate hand to incorporate them while getting the texture right."
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"What makes this dish so great is the multiple preparations and textures. You really get to experience what abalone is all about!"