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Chef Sarah Gavigan reviews  at
Ramen with namimo root vegetable
"One of my very favorite menu items at @otakuramen - the Okonomiyaki. I was lucky enough to have a great friend and Chef give me his recipe direct from Japan. The namimo (root veg from Japan) is what makes it so savory. The vegetable itself doesn't taste like much, but when you purée it and add it to the batter - POW 💥- it adds inexplicable umami. @danherget added the cast iron touch. I'll never tire of this dish. SUNDAYS ONLY at the shop. Get cha one. #otakuramen #otakuokonomiyaki"
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Chef Sarah Gavigan reviews  at
"A wonderful night of ramen and laughs with @twotenjack and @_insta_jess_ as a fundraiser for @scnashville. I'm a very competitive person, and it has its downsides. Last year I made a deal with myself, and that included buying my "arch rival" a drink and hearing her out. There was a piercing and unhealthy competition between our two restaurants. What happened was extraordinary. Jess and I chose honesty and forgiveness and now FUN! @_insta_jess_ I am so proud to call you my friend and colleague. Two American women making ramen in Middle Tennessee. HELL YES #ramen #ramenlife #sunnoodle"
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