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Home wrecker
"I get this every time I am there and I am defiantly there a few times a week if not a day."
Chef Norbert Moniz reviews  at
"Tiger! Tiger charcuterie board created by our butcher Tim Fuller. Bresaola-Pudwill farms port picketed strawberries Beef heart pastrami-caraway brined cabbage Cotto salami-pickled cauliflower Corned lamb tongue-African sisters pickled carrots"
"I go here three times a week after work and usually get the chimichanga (it's deep fried) or the chile relleno burrito."
House chorizo pizza
"They do a chorizo pizza with a house-made soy-rizo option. I think it’s cool they go out of their way to make a vegetarian chorizo. I’m pescetarian, so I think it’s a nice gesture. Plus it’s tasty."
Cheese board
"I love all the food here but the cheese board is amazing. Plus, you can order your food, lay out in the grass outside, take off your shoes and they’ll bring it out to you. Where else can you do that?"
Lobster roll
"It's a lobster roll with a lobster tail on the plate for presentation. Beautiful presentation. Everything is amazing and worth the price."