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Spoiled brat kebab
"This conglomerate of flavors makes me happy every time. Chicken, beef and lamb shawarma, falafel and hummus. Order it extra spicy and get the feisty feta. Get it with the boss fries if you're feeling extra hungry."
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Kimchi fries
"Crispy French fries topped with kimchi, flavorful bulgogi, a creamy sriracha-like sauce and green onion. This is another item that hits home on a lot of levels. I ask to add an egg and always order them extra spicy."
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Tonkotsu Original
"The broth is well seasoned and the noodles are the perfect texture. Everything is well-balanced, and it's the perfect portion. I like being gluttonous and order extra charsu and an additional ajitama egg, with both the spicy and corn bombs."
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Calabrese pizza
"It's the most authentic Napolitano pizza I have had in Austin. Perfect amount of sauce to cheese to topping ratio. The dough is slightly crispy and chewy. And I love the distribution of sausage—it's there but not overwhelming. I also like the winter salad. It is all delicious."
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Steak tartare
"The beef is fresh and plentiful, and the egg yolk and french fries make everything come together. I like to get extra bread, cut up the hot fries, pour garlic aioli over it and mix it all together. Then I spread this gluttonous mixture over the bread... It's excellent!"