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Evan Bloom founded Wise Sons with Leo Beckerman and his brother Ari in 2010. Today he serves as the company President and oversees the company’s day-to-day operations with a specific focus on culinary and brand direction. An architect by training, he spent the first years of Wise Sons leading the kitchen team at the original Deli location on 24th St. An accomplished chef and entrepreneur, he is widely regarded as one of the leaders in the modern Jewish Food movement.


  • Featured "Secret Recipe": Chocolate Babka

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Egg & cheese bagel sandwich
"These guys have quite the shtick, but they make a great bagel sandwich from their truck that can be found all over LA, so check in with Twitter. Go with anything that's hot egg & cheese and you won't be disappointed."
Egg and cheese bialy sandwich
"Not many places are making bialys these days, let alone great ones. Get the somewhat non-traditional one covered in poppy seeds with their house cured fish. Sit on the patio and try not to feel uncool next to all of the Venice scenesters."
Signature sandwiches
"Old school Montreal style bagels in a land of puffy rolls with holes (yes, i just said that about NY bagels!). Get them hot out of the oven- they don't even need toppings."
Everything bagel with farmer cheese
"Hand rolled and cooked in a wood oven, you can tell these are made by a long time baker. The everything bagel has gone all California with seedy toppings and they make their own farmer cheese which is the perfect shmear. Worth the trek."
Fried chicken sandwich with beet slaw
"Not quite Montreal style, definitely not NY style, these babies are boiled in honey water for a little sweetness before being fired in a wood oven. Be brave and go for the fried chicken sandwich with beet slaw. Not traditional but unbelievably good."

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Chef Traci Des Jardins reviews Rugelach at Wise Sons Jewish Delicatessen
$$ | Breakfast/Brunch, | Deli/Sandwich Shop
1 Review
"Who doesn't love a moist rugelach? This Jewish pastry is nicely balanced and just perfect. It's not always available, so call ahead to see if they have it that day."

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