Cory Willard at Le Rendez-vous


Le Rendez-vous Executive Chef


  • Competitor
    Maestro del Mar Chefs Challenge
  • Award of Merit
    Chaine des Rotisseurs of Palm Beach
  • Participant
    San Francisco Food Bank Charity Dinner by Michael Bauer
  • Deans Honor Roll
    Le Cordon Bleu

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Behind the Scenes

Smokehouse burger
"Available during their happy hour, Okeechobee Steakhouse takes their beautifully aged beef, grinds it in house, and cooks it to a perfect saignant. From here, it’s carefully brushed with their bourbon bacon glaze and served inside a gently toasted bun. A literal mouthwatering burger."
Crispy pad thai with tofu
"Their ingredients are appropriately used and well-balanced, creating one of the most consistent and flavorful Pad Thais in the area. Their twist; Palm Sugar fries their noodles giving the traditional dish a unique, desirable texture in contrast with their fresh tofu. A welcomed play on an overdone, often ill-prepared plate."
Pizza of the day
"After closing, I trust my palate in the hands of the chefs of Hullabaloo, my after-dinner-service spot of choice. Their use of carefully prepared ingredients really shine after midnight where their constantly changing, always satisfying, pizza comes into play. Paired with a Ravi Shankar, their carrot cocktail, the night gets exponentially better."
Korean lamb ribs
"Chef Adam has prepared a beautiful marriage of lamb with Korean influence. His method of marinating and skill of balancing flavors in no way compromises the rich, natural flavor of the protein. The end result: a succulent Korean-style rib with an intense flavor of lamb and hint of char, all balanced with housemade kimchi."
"A traditional Mexican chorizo wrapped with fresh produce inside a carefully prepared burrito. The flavors contained inside the gently browned, flour tortilla explode like no other Mexican cuisine I’ve experienced in the area. The skillfully prepared dishes reminds me of my days off in San Francisco in the Mission District."