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  • Luc
    2800 E Madison St.
    Seattle, WA

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Behind the Scenes

Chef Thierry Rautureau reviews  at
Tea smoked duck sausage
"The smoked duck sausage at TanakaSan is absolutely delicious. Pinch sesame buns, cuke relish, pickled radishes, and hoisin mustard—so good."
Chef Thierry Rautureau reviews  at
"Serving a quail roulade, tomato salad, chickpea mash, basil/ yuzu sauce @ Palace Ballroom with Chefs Tom Douglas and Mark Fuller"
Chef Thierry Rautureau reviews  at
Huế dumpling
"These dumplings are stuffed with mung beans and caramelized shallots, and they come with a spicy soy vinaigrette. They're made with rice flour dough, which makes them so delicate and tender. The wonderful filling and texture make this a very satisfying appetizer."
Chef Thierry Rautureau reviews  at
"Their dumplings change with the season, but I always love them all! The flavors are terrific and the textures are all well-balanced."
Chef Thierry Rautureau reviews  at
Brick oven pretzels
"Nothing beats these pretzels that come fresh out of the hearth. My favorite spread to have them with is the sour cream and crispy onion dip."
Landjäger sausage
"Simply juicy, with perfect seasoning and marvelous mustards to accompany them, these sausages are just too good to pass up. You have to try this sausage—it's the best dog in town."

From My Menu

Chef Tom Douglas reviews Bœuf bourguignon at Luc
$$ | French/Belgian
Madison Valley
1 Review
"Only a Frenchman with a dedicated cook for a mother could leave this dish as simple as it should be. Voila! Chef Thierry has done just that. Perfectly tender beef, regular mushrooms and luscious carrots finished with flat-leaf parsley are all it takes!"
Chef Maria Hines reviews Pommes soufflé crisps at Luc
$$ | French/Belgian
Madison Valley
1 Review
"These puffed frites served with harissa aioli have such an amazing texture. They're addictive."
Chef Jennifer Shea reviews White bean cassoulet at Luc
$$ | French/Belgian
Madison Valley
1 Review
"Thierry Rautureau has created a lovely little neighborhood gem. LUC is cozy and chic—just the kind of place I love. The white bean cassoulet is decadent, comforting, and absolutely delicious with its duck confit, lamb sausage, and frisée salad. Order it with a glass (or two) of Bordeaux and you'll be in cassoulet heaven."