Amir  Hajimaleki at Oasthouse Gastropub


Amir’s passion for cooking started early on, cooking in the kitchen with his mom and grandmother at the age of five in Iran.

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"Thank you everyone for the birthday wishes! Pretty amazing way to spend my birthday yesterday to say the least. Started by learning how master weaver Demetrio uses natural ingredients like cochineal, and pomegranate skin to create beautiful colors for his rugs, then to a maguey harvest, to having red mole in distillers home to driving into the mountains of Santa Domingo to learn more about mezcal production from the Zapotec Morales family and having dinner (green mole) with them at there home (which was amazing) surrounded by breathtaking views of the mountains oh and drinking a shit ton of mezcal. Pictures don't do it justice. Thank you Evan Meekers and @delmagueymezcal #mezcal #oaxaca #blessed #cheftravels #naturelovers #moleallday #art #history #culture"
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