Justin Simoneaux at Consulting Chef


Born and raised in coastal Louisiana, Justin Simoneaux grew up hunting and fishing. At 15, he started working in restaurants, and by the time he was 18 he had worked his way up to line cook and then kitchen manager. But he realized he needed more training and came to San Francisco to attend the California Culinary Academy. He has worked in San Francisco's finest restaurants and was recently the Executive Chef for the popular restaurant, Boxing Room.


  • Rising Star Chef, 2009
    San Francisco Chronicle

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Carnitas regular burrito
"This place is sooo good. I’d put this burrito up against any other in the city and it’s only $8."
"Delicious and filling. Enjoy it with a few glasses of mezcal along with a glass of bloody mix and poof! Hangover gone!"
San Sebastian
"This dish has everything going for it. I enjoy this best accompanied by a bottle of pink bubbles. Yes, I said pink bubbles."