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"There is something magical that happens when you cook from memory. You trust your senses, your are transported to another time and place by aromas and build a deeper connection to your history... Making some rice and beans with pernil, like those before me did on Three Kings Eve🀴🏽🀴🏿🀴🏼 This fills my ❀️ and Soul"
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"I didn't get to enjoy this awesomeness of a scramble with chorizo and shiitake but I did make it. Because I love breakfast ✌🏼 What's your favorite breakfast?"
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"made asada tacos, channelled my inner @tighttacos spirit and ended up extra loading them in guacamole and tomatoes and smothered in habanero @marshallshautesauce because why not! All that finger-licking goodness on home made tortillas 😜#goodaf @spicymarshall + @dirkzaster I want to make you guys tacos!!"
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"A morning walk in the backyard full of harvesting and #morningthoughts. Tend to life, like you would a garden: respect the seasons, full moons, stay put on times of bad weather, go out an explore on those sunny days and alway water what you plant 🌱. We can't forget we are only human; mistakes, tears, and smiles... its both a blessing and a curse; to feel everything so very deeply. Cry it out, then refocus on to where you're headed. Take a break, be thankful for what you have and been through, miss those who are no longer with you, be grateful for those friends who stay close and keep moving forward. Life IS beautiful. Oh so beautiful!! ✌🏼+β™₯️ #berriesπŸ“ #pdxnow"
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"One of my favorite dishes from tonights #TapasTourPDX dinner at @ChesaPDX Pulpo πŸ™, charcoal (yuca), avocado, saffron-garlic, onion petals. The flavors and textures knocked out of the park and the colors?! πŸ‘πŸΌ"
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