About Aaron Adams

Chef-owner of Farm Spirit, offering a tasting menu of exclusively seasonal, vegan, Cascadian cuisine.

Where I Eat

Behind the Scenes

"Love Green Willow Grains. Buy Local!"
"Nothing like having a pal with a fig tree. These are going to make a nice tea cake for tonight's mignardise."
"Got our Control Freak. So very, very sick."
"End of the night."
"Lovage ice cream, Abenaki corn cake, pepita crumble, corn molasses, aerated strawberry."
"What the fuck? Tien is leaving us. After a few months of hard work and a goodly amount of pain and denegration, young Tien is moving on to finish school in Corvalis. Which is dumb. and I hate it. Gonna miss you, lil' buddy."

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