Mellisa Root at The Hairy Lobster

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Prior to The Hairy Lobster Chef Mellisa Root, a whimsical pastry chef and chocolatier, worked at both Per Se and Rosewood Sand Hill.


  • Rising Star Award (2013)
    Star Chefs
  • Golden Whisk
    Women's Chef Organization

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Chef Mellisa Root reviews  at
The Hairy Lobster
"Some serious BBQ getting prepared for the Ghoulish Feast at The Hairy Lobster. They are a five day beef rib, rubbed, smoked, sous vide, charred and served to all the brave souls dining at their Epic Halloween feast!"
Chef Mellisa Root reviews  at
"ChefsFeed thanks so much for the awesome beers!!!!! What an outstanding surprise that came in the post today! Looking forward to after the shift, and sampling some new brews!"
Chef Mellisa Root reviews  at
"The crying pig tacqueria Pop Up! I love the flavor of chiles!"
Chef Mellisa Root reviews  at
"Fried chicken and spicy sweet potato, a portland dining month find!!!!!"
Chef Mellisa Root reviews  at
"Crab salad with fresh made tamale... The smell of the fresh massa was insane!"
Chef Mellisa Root reviews  at
"Just tried his for the first time... unbelievably smooth! A bottle will be joining my collection soon!"

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