Jorge Guzman at Brewer's Table at Surly


Jorge is the executive chef at Surly Brewing Company, overseeing the menu & dining program for the Beer Hall, Scheid Hall & Brewer’s Table.


  • Finalist
    James Beard Foundation
  • Meet the Midwestern Chef with Mexican Roots
    Time Magazine
  • Best New Restaurant
    Food & Wine
  • Best Chef
    Star Tribune

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"Less than 24hrs after being in Chicago for the @beardfoundation awards at chef @ampersand_and , chef Michael and myself are in Madison cooking @merchantmadison for @surlybrewing @brewerstable collaboration dinner. People keep asking if we're tired of the grind. The grind is what makes this industry amazing and it's what keeps our industry worth fighting for and supporting. We are built on passion, perseverance, will, humility, kindness and hospitality. #beyounotthem #madison #surlybeerdinner #merchant"
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Chef Jorge Guzman reviews  at
Whole fish, bed of vegetables
"I was greeted with a smile and a hug by @annbkool last night as I entered @youngjoni_mn We chatted about the things us chefs talk about and we parted ways with another hug. Sometimes we take our interactions with each other for granted but as of late these small but meaningful moments are some of the most cherished for me. If we allow ourselves to be in the moment with each other, to actually listen with both heart and mind you'll find that an invitation can be extended. @annbkool Your hospitality and generosity are genuine, thank you for a great meal and thank you for not cutting the head off your whole fish!! #woodfired #spring #pizza #genuine #hospitality #chefs"
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Chef Jorge Guzman reviews  at
Moules (mussels), fennel
"bearded nacreous creatures, tied to the piers of fresh or salted bodies of water. Hinged, with dark brooding shells. "Click", "clack", "click" tornadoes taking roofs goes the sound as you toss their homes together, discarded in bowls full of shells. From the Bay of Biscay the Cantonese coastline to the cobbled streets of Belgium. Spring brings mussels to our menu @brewerstable , plump, delicate, evocative little creatures. #mussels #moules #spring #menu"
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Chef Jorge Guzman reviews  at
"I was asked the other day what the culture of our kitchen community is like in Minneapolis. Whether or not we are supportive of each other. Yes, yes we are. I had the privilege to cook with @chef_stevenbrown in his kitchen @bonjour_stg with my crew from @brewerstable for a collaborative beer dinner featuring our beers @surlybrewing . Just 8 chefs cooking great food together, nothing more nothing less. Also @chef_stevenbrown still kills it behind the stove! #collaboration #beerfood #beerdinner #oldmanbrown"
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