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Chef Kathy Casey reviews  at
King crab crêpe
"A buckwheat crȇpe is filled with succulent king crab, amazing wild mushrooms and topped with a normandy beurre blanc. The amazing presentation is topped only by the delish taste!"
Chef Kathy Casey reviews  at
Croque madame
"This sandwich is made with amazing bread, gooey cheese and succulent ham. Yum! You can order it without an egg, too, if you'd like a croque monsieur instead."
Chef Kathy Casey reviews  at
"To me, it just tastes so authentically Italian and reminds me of being in Italy. The texture of the pasta is so amazing because they make it from scratch on the premises. It's just a great dish."
Chef Kathy Casey reviews  at
Bruce Lee roll
"It's the right mix of spicy, sweet, and creamy. This specialty roll with spicy tuna, cucumber, albacore, avocados, shrimp tempura, jalapeños, and spicy mayo is my absolute go-to when I eat there. I love it!"
Chef Kathy Casey reviews  at
Phở gà
"Sometimes I feel like I live on Than Brothers' phở. I usually get the chicken phở with mushrooms and tofu for an extra protein boost. I always get the chili oil to go with it, too. I usually take it home and add more vegetables to it."
Chef Kathy Casey reviews  at
Kale Caesar salad
"I love this salad because it's so hearty. I think it's ingenious to use raw kale, which has got great texture and is so healthy for you. The dressing is homemade, as are the awesome croutons. It's also a great thing to eat with their specials, like meatloaf or spaghetti and meatballs! It's homespun goodness."