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Greg Baxtrom is a chef and owner of Olmsted. The minute he left high school, he set his sights on a career in the culinary arts. He has spent the past decade working in some of the world's most exciting kitchens, including Alinea, Per Se, and Atera.

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Chef Greg Baxtrom reviews  at
"One of my favorite things to snack on here is our Sour Patch Berry Candy Mignardises. #olmsteding"
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Chef Aaron Hoskins reviews Radish top gazpacho, smoked salmon roe, lemon balm at Olmsted
$$ | Modern | American
"Perfectly balanced, clean gazpacho (with the radishes from the garden out back) with these crazy pops of acidity and smoky roe. So much talent in this place."
Chef Greg Baxtrom reviews Cheese fondue at Olmsted
$$ | Modern | American
"More cheese please!!! @thisisinsidercheese ・・・ Eating this fondue is like playing with fire. 🧀@olmstednyc #fondueheaven #insidercheese"
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Chef Greg Baxtrom reviews Poached Hake topped with dill hollandaise and Shoestring potatoes at Olmsted
$$ | Modern | American
"Cape Cod Hake X2. Poached Hake topped with Dill Hollandaise and Crispy Shoestring Potatoes. Side of Hake Hushpuppies. 🐶 #olmsteding"
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