Jeremy Sewall at Island Creek Oyster Bar

About Jeremy Sewall

Jeremy and his partners are currently working towards opening the second outpost of Island Creek Oyster Bar in Burlington Mass. at 300 District Ave in the upcoming months. Not long after that a new concept will be opening as well. That space will be on Bennett Street in Harvard Square. Through his restaurants, Jeremy is dedicated to celebrating the diversity of New England seafood and the passion of the people who bring it to us. For Chef Jeremy Sewall, it’s in his blood.


  • Boston's Best: Neighborhood Restaurant (Lineage)
    Improper Bostonian
  • Best of Boston: Seafood (Island Creek Oyster Bar)
    Boston magazine
  • Best of Boston: Bistro (Eastern Standard)
    Boston magazine
  • ChefsFeed Winner
    One of the Best Things to Eat in Boston

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  • Row 34
    383 Congress St
    Boston, MA

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"Incredible work by @bartonseaver. Life's work and passion comes through on every page. It's a must have."
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