About Nathan Crave

Nathan Crave’s first cooking job at the Tom Douglas Restaurants was as a line cook at the Dahlia Lounge, where the chef at the time, Mark Fuller, took him under his wing. Years later, after a stretch cooking at fine dining restaurants in Boston, Nate returned to Seattle to open Mark’s restaurant, Spring Hill, as Sous Chef. Eventually, Nate returned to Tom Douglas Restaurants as Sous Chef of Etta’s and Seatown. In 2013, TanakaSan opened with Nate at the helm as Chef. In 2015, after a 17 year long cooking career, Nate took on the position of Chef of Palace Kitchen.

Behind the Scenes

"Copper river salmon, charred leek soubise, pickled turnips, strawberries, prosser herbs"
Palace Kitchen
Modern, American
"Braised beef tongue, pickled saskatoon berries, toasted pretzel, horseradish, baby arugula"

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