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Mushroom ravioli
"Mica’s menu changes often, but I’ve loved every mushroom dish they make, especially the ravioli. The stuffing is well-seasoned and very earthy, and the pasta is cooked perfectly and laid in a delicious Madeira sauce. It’s a really rich dish and some of the best pasta I’ve had."
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Salted caramel budino
"There’s no flavor combo more perfect than salt and sweet, and this dessert is both. If you talk about Barbuzzo to anyone, one of the first things people talk about is how amazing this dessert is. It’s creamy and soothing, just what you need after the tons of delicious food you just ate for dinner."
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Raw oysters
"There are times where I'll want something to eat but I’m not ready for a full meal, so I'll head to Oyster House and grab a few oysters. However, they’re so good, fresh, and briny that "a few" turns into "a lot," and even though I wasn’t even really hungry, I find myself housing a few dozen."
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Cheese plate
"The cheese they serve at Talula's is so good you’ll be wanting a platter as a first and last course. You can choose one or two, or even a flight. I have a great appreciation for a place that works by local and seasonal mantra, and they do that, right down to their housemade accompaniments. My favorite platter is the Bring on the Funk. The Humboldt Fog is really rich and creamy with a strip of ash through the center, which adds a bit of flavor and makes it look like a funky slice of cake."
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Whiskey King burger
"Don’t even bother talking to me while I’ve got one of these in front of me. I’m giving this burger my full attention because it deserves it. Maple-bourbon-glazed onions, bleu cheese, bacon, and foie gras! It’s a juicy, flavor-packed thing of beauty."
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Roast pork sandwich
"I love walking around the Reading Terminal on my day off, wandering around all the stalls, then enjoy this moist, flavorful roast pork sandwich after the crowds leave. DiNic's greens are always nice and bitter, and a single long hot always sets it off."

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Chef Robert Aikens reviews Bloody beet steak at The Farm & Fisherman
$$$ | Modern, | American
Washington Square West
1 Review
"I love roasted beets and this meaty, thick-cut 'steak' is perfectly tender. Chef-owner Josh Lawler finishes it with a little aged balsamic, sweet and vinegary all in one. A great dish!"