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Maiz asado
"This grilled corn is absolutely SLATHERED with Spanish garlic aioli and Cotija cheese and served with fresh lime. Without a doubt the most delicious and least healthy preparation of corn I have ever shoved into my face."
Grilled bangers & mashed potatoes
"A heaping mound of mashed potatoes with a giant well of gravy on top and fried bangers, which are English sausages. This is the ultimate hangover cure."
Macaroni & cheese
"The mac and cheese is a more than generous portion of molten, cheesy goodness served in a large soufflé-style crock and covered with bread crumbs before it’s baked to a sinfully tempting golden brown."
Chef Josh Buehler reviews  at
Venezuelan brunch
"Pedro’s hot sauce is the best I’ve had in town. It’s spicy, but still has flavor and doesn’t sear your palate. Their brunch has live music, outdoor seating, great white sangria and massive plates. You can pretty much find me there every Sunday sitting at the bar with my girlfriend."
Chef Josh Buehler reviews  at
Double jalapeño cheese burger
"It’s a pretty straight forward, no frills kind of burger—American cheese, pickled jalapeños and frozen waffle fries. Make sure to pair it with your favorite beer and enjoy their jukebox, it’s the best in the city."