Anthony Sasso at La Sirena Ristorante

About Anthony Sasso

Anthony Sasso is the chef for La Sirena Ristorante. He was born to an incredible gastronomic heritage, but it didn’t really start hitting him until his 20s. After graduating from college in New York City, he began taking trips to his family’s small village in Catalunya, Spain. The visits must have had a deeper impact than he expected, because once he returned to the States, he enrolled in the Institute of Culinary Education.


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"They call stuff like this "menu gold". We're calling it burrata carbonara, except that aint no egg yolk on top. No, really it's not. And yes really, I'm cooking Italian now #guanciale #butternutyolk"
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"Nonny always shut us up with some fried dough while waiting for the pasta water to come to a boil. Nowadays these bomboloni buy the kitchen some time while your paella's in the oven"
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"Legend has it @markrladner got his idea for the notorious 100 layer lasagna from Bar Jamon's tortilla Espanola. It's revenge time chef, so we're turning Sirena's potato and semolina lasagna blanca into a "tortilla Italiana" in your honor"
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"Last year I bought a ticket to France with my tax return. This year I bought a bottle of the worlds best made tequila for Fight Night, @ulisesnyc you're in charge of la comida, I'm in charge of the hangover #canelo #chavez #boxing"
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