About Sisha Ortuzar

Sisha Ortuzar is the chef/co-owner of 'wichcraft. He created the 'wichcraft concept and has since served as one of the creative directors, building on his original vision of serving hand-crafted food in unexpected flavor combinations.


  • Two Stars
    The New York Times
  • Co-author
    Wichcraft: Craft a Sandwich into a Meal—and a Meal into a Sandwich

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"Our Meyer Lemon Mousse features a decadent coconut sorbet, white chocolate clusters, and winter citrus. And those delicate, orange spheres? Mandarin caviar! A dessert truly unlike any other! . . . #riverparknyc #nycfinedining #nycdesserts"
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"There are few things sweeter than sharing a sweet with your Valentine. Our Maple Creme Brûlée will be waiting for you and your special someone this Wednesday ❤️ . . . #nycvalentinesday #cremebrulee #riverparknyc"
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