Matt McNamara at The Square Bar & Kitchen


Matt McNamara is the chef/owner of The Square Bar & Kitchen. Before, he was the other half of the duo for Sons & Daughters, the Michelin-starred restaurant. He was nominated for the Rising Star Chef by the James Beard Foundation.


  • One Star (Sons & Daughters)
    Michelin Guide
  • Nominee for Rising Star Chef
    James Beard Foundation
  • Three Stars (Sons & Daughters)
    San Francisco Chronicle
  • Best Restaurants in SF (Sons & Daughters)
    GQ Magazine
  • 30 Under 30: Food & Wine
    Forbes magazine

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Chef Matt McNamara reviews  at
Spaghittusu cun allu ollu e bottariga
"This is the best pasta dish in San Francisco. It has incredible richness and salinity. The bottarga creates a cream-like quality once you stir it into the perfectly cooked fresh spaghetti."
Fried pickles
"Fried pickles and beer! Make sure you ask for some jalapeño aioli to dip them in."
Chef Matt McNamara reviews  at
Yo-mama burger
"With peanut butter and bacon, this is a great burger and the best deal in the city."
Chef Matt McNamara reviews  at
Ricotta della casa
"The warm ricotta antipasti served with grilled bread is an awesome seasonal starter. It's hard to go wrong with anything from Cotogna."
Chef Matt McNamara reviews  at
Blackened cat fish
"Hard Knox Cafe serves the best soul food in the city. Perfectly cooked fillets, blackened Cajun seasoning—it's simple but totally satisfying. Don't forget the Crystal hot sauce."
Chef Matt McNamara reviews  at
"Put an egg on it. Great place, great wine. Dig! The wine store attached is killer, too. It has a small but incredibly well-procured selection of wines."