Piero Selvaggio at Valentino


Born in Sicily, Piero Selvaggio opened his first restaurant, Valentino, in Santa Monica, when he was only 25. Despite having held numerous jobs in the restaurant trade, he quickly realized that he had a lot to learn.


  • Best Italian Restaurant in America
    The New York Times
  • America’s 10 Best Italian Restaurants
    Wine Spectator
  • Nominee for Outstanding Restauranteur
    James Beard Foundation
  • America's Top Table
    Gourmet magazine
  • Hall of Fame Award
    California Restaurant Association

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Pasta alla norma
"I love this dish. The eggplant and aged ricotta come together as such a great combination of flavors. It's truly a classic. I also love getting their signature swordfish carpaccio."
"However they are prepared that day, it's a great way to start a meal at Father's Office. You can eat these for hours, but you want to make sure you save room for that juicy burger."
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Warm asparagus
"All of the appetizers are delicious, especially the asparagus with a poached organic egg and warm bacon vinaigrette. They have the best steak in town, and the sweetbreads are also a favorite."
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Whole sizzling catfish
"Served with fresh ginger and ponzu sauce, the sizzling catfish is consistently one of the best dishes on the menu since they opened. I also love their Mongolian lamb, Chinese duck, and fried rice."
Chef Piero Selvaggio reviews  at post.venue.name
Chocolate soufflé
"Alain knows French cuisine, and this soufflé is a beautiful example of French perfection in baking."
Chef Piero Selvaggio reviews  at post.venue.name
"I find all of their yakitori to be one of the best versions of this dish I've had. I will also order endless mini bites of anything else they have on the menu."