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"Being able to stay on top of house made fresh cheese + yogurt production at Rooster feels great. Both the curds + yogurt are used in our chop salad. We use the ricotta whey in our buttered noodles. It’s the simple things that make me the happiest. #scratchmadewhereitmakessense"
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"Sweet potato coconut curry w/ crispy lentils + fresh lime + lots of herbs v 1.0. This is the first soup I’m working on for Rooster. The tests are good, it’s delicious. Now comes the reality of learning to cook this in close to 20-30 gallon batch sizes. I’ve always really loved making soup. I never imagined I would have to teach myself (and someone else) how to do it at such a large scale, with strict consistency. This is going to be a lot of fun to figure out, I’m very very fired up. It’s just the beginning really. This soup is vegan and will stay that way, the sweet potatoes are on the way from @greenmeadowfarmpa and all this will be ready next week at some point. #workingitout #vegan #trusttheprocess"
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"Chive salt ready to dry overnight, this will season our fries here pretty soon. #pantry"
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"Fried fish sandwich w/ fermented chili tartar sauce + romaine lettuce v 1.2. As an addition this weekend at Rooster. #keepitsimple"
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"Ginger pineapple upside down cake v 1.0 by @acedominic is really exciting. It’s perfectly grandmom-ish and very delicious, although a little more fresh ginger is the move next time. #workingitout #classics"
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