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Barbecued pork spare ribs
"Always an adventure, this Chinatown haunt is open late, has great food, and serves cheap drinks. The sweet and salty ribs are nicely charred and perfectly tender while still clinging to the bone. A little plum sauce at the table rounds it out for me."
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Raw oysters
"The oysters at Oyster House are always super fresh, interesting, and delicious. I usually go at happy hour when they're a buck-a-shuck and order a dozen with a couple of cold beers to start my night out."
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Falafel sandwich
"Marcie Turney, my mentoring chef, turned me on to how good this Lebanese grocery and cafe in South Philly is. Tucked inside white pita, the falafel is grilled instead of fried, which makes it extra light. I love it with hummus, tzatziki sauce, and a side of tabbouleh."
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Soup du jour
"The sandwiches at this Rittenhouse cafe are also amazing, but the soups kill me every time. They change frequently, but my favorite is the gazpacho, which they make super classic with lots of garlic, a drizzle of olive oil, and a soft baguette."
Walt Wit braised pork sandwich
"This pork sandwich from Scott Schroeder is amazing. Braised in Walt Wit beer, the pig is both juicy and crispy. The way it's piled on a ciabatta bun with Boursin cheese is perfection."
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Papaya salad w/ jerky beef
"This is the perfect exercise in simple and delicious cooking. I love the beef jerky option to this fruit salad; it adds a chewy element that counteracts all the crunch going on."

From My Menu

Chef Robert Aikens reviews Beer braised beef cheek at Stateside
$$$ | Wine Bar, | Modern, | American
East Passyunk
1 Review
"You see this great winter dish a lot on British menus, so it's close to my heart. Chef George Sabatino braises his beef cheeks until tender, then pairs them deliciously with a cauliflower purée and pickled mustard seeds."
Chef Ian Moroney reviews Rabbit rillettes w/ pear preserves at Stateside
$$$ | Wine Bar, | Modern, | American
East Passyunk
1 Review
"Not as pungent as duck and not as rich as pork, the rabbit is cured, cooked in pork fat, shredded, and then reacquainted with the fat. The pear cuts through the richness just right. So good!"