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My Restaurants

  • Patois
    6078 Laurel St
    New Orleans, LA

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From My Menu

Chef Justin Devillier reviews Sautéed sweetbreads at Patois
$$$ | French/Belgian
"This is a very sophisticated dish that also evokes feelings of the countryside. I love the textures of the crispy exterior and creamy interior of the sweetbreads. The smokiness from the ham along with the acidity of the red wine sauce balance really well together."
Chef Alex Harrell reviews Panéed Mississippi rabbit at Patois
$$$ | French/Belgian
"Because they pan fry and dredge it, there is a nice crunch on the outside. The breading is light, so it helps hold the moisture of the rabbit in, keeping it really tender, never overcooked or dry. You get a little bit of bitterness from the Swiss chard that is really pleasant, as well as a great savory flavor from the farro. They take the rabbit livers and cook it into the farro, so it's a really nice compliment to the dish."
Chef Alex del Castillo reviews Grilled lamb ribs at Patois
$$$ | French/Belgian
"Chef Aaron Burgau is as comfortable next to the pit as he is over the range, and he proves it with his grilled lamb ribs with green tomato relish. The latter is the perfect balance of sweet and tart to complement the unctuousness of the former."
Chef Kelly Fields reviews Egg, pork belly, & green tomato sandwich at Patois
$$$ | French/Belgian
"Patois serves up country white bread stuffed with fried green tomatoes, pork belly, Cheddar cheese, a fried egg, and Crystal hot sauce aioli. The delicious sandwich is only served during Sunday brunch."
Chef Aaron Burgau reviews Ramen with soy cured egg yolk, pork belly, crawfish tails at Patois
$$$ | French/Belgian
"This ramen, tho... Jonathan's serious bowl of goodness now on the menu. Noodles by @essesfoods, our own soy cured egg yolk, pork belly, crawfish tails, veg and love. You need this in your life."
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