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    Hell’s Kitchen
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My Restaurants

  • 3030 Ocean
    3030 Holiday Drive
    Marriott’s Harbor Beach Resort & Spa
    Fort Lauderdale, FL

Where I Eat

Behind the Scenes

Chef Paula DaSilva reviews  at
"This is one of my favorite things in the world to eat! It's such classic food that takes you back to garde manger class in school. I love the house-cured meats they make and the great bread they serve it with."
Chef Paula DaSilva reviews  at
Kinoko no kama meshi
"This rice hot pot is perfect for a cold, Florida winter day! I love the wild mushrooms, Japanese vegetables, and just about anything with rice. It's just so warm and comforting in your belly!"
Chef Paula DaSilva reviews  at
Llewellyn's fine fried chicken
"Thank goodness for Llewellyn teaching Jeff her secret! Although he didn't share the secret with me, I think this delicious fried chicken may be double-dipped in the breading. The chicken is just so crispy on the outside and tender and juicy on the inside, which is hard to do with fried chicken!"
Chef Paula DaSilva reviews  at
The feVer
"Like most of the drinks and food at Haven, this drink stands out in my mind as one of the most flavorful and creative drinks I have ever had. I love spicy food, so any drink that contains jalapeño mixed with a little bit of fog will surely tickle my heart."
Chef Paula DaSilva reviews  at
Cinnamon oxtail gyoza
"Oxtail is too underused and scary for the average person to try, but this part of the cow is so tender and flavorful when cooked properly. I love the way Michael fills the wontons and gives it a nice crunchy texture by quickly sautéing them."
Chef Paula DaSilva reviews  at
Grilled blue & bacon 
"You would think that it's just your average grilled cheese with bacon, but it is really so much more. Something about the combination of the bacon with the creamy blue cheese grilled on buttery sourdough bread usually has me wanting more than one! Maybe the secret ingredient is that it is cooked in a truck!"