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Chef Todd Erickson reviews “K” dog at Sakaya Kitchen
$$ | Asian
"I have been a lover of kimchi since the ripe old age of three, and this dog definitely delivers the 'chee.' The potato bun is steamed to pillowy perfection and topped with a super juicy beef frank and creamy kimchi slaw. The combination of soft, sweet, savory, crunchy, creamy, and spicy is a big winner with me. Two, please!"
Chef Michael Schwartz reviews Chunk’d tots at Dim Ssam a Gogo
$ | Food Truck | Asian
Beverly Terrace
"This is naughty town right here, let me just tell you! These tots are like wet fries gone wild. Poutine, kicked up Korean-style, all smothered in chili sauce, aioli, slow-roasted meaty goodness, and crunchy chives to really set it all off."
Chef Giorgio Rapicavoli reviews Cracklin’ duck herb sandwich at Sakaya Kitchen
$$ | Asian
"It has everything a complete dish would need, but in a bun—sweet, spicy, and sour, with fresh herbs, vegetables, and crispy duck that's sous-vide for a ridiculous amount of time."