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Joel Huff is a chef from Ventura County, California. He is a surfer and protégé who earned his toque by working with José Andrés, Ludric Le Preve, and Nori Sugie. He was the executive chef at Azul in Miami and the Silks restaurant at the Mandarin Hotel in San Francisco before returning to his hometown in Ventura.


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Matsuri chicken wings
"The sauce on these wings is to die for! I think I could eat about three dozen—seriously."
Braised octopus
"To me, braising is my favorite preparation for octopus. When done right, as it is here, it just melts in your mouth."
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Pork belly
"This dish—pork belly with kabocha, butterscotch miso, and corn powder—is one of my all-time favorite pork belly dishes. The sweet, crispy skin and the delicious, fatty pork are unbeatable."
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Watermelon salad
"It’s spicy from the chili, sweet from the watermelon, and acidic all at the same time. With the addition of the mint to add a pop of freshness, I think it's the perfect simple salad. It comes with their fried chicken, but if you ask nicely, I bet they'll serve you a side."
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Bone marrow
"It’s the little things… The perfectly cooked bone marrow, grilled bread, and butter get me every time. I love this stuff. It’s sweet and fatty, the marmalade is perfection, and the buttery bone marrow is great for spreading on toast."