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Toro sashimi
"This is buttery bliss. The toro is always fresh, not frozen. It’s expensive but worth every penny."
"It’s a HUGE burger. I ordered a double-double the first time, and I couldn’t put my mouth around it because it was so thick, so I only order singles now. There is no seating inside, so you have to eat it on your car or standing up."
Crispy fried pork chops
"Very crisp, cut-up pork chops are fried in a crispy tempura-like batter, then tossed with Serrano chilies, ginger, onions, and coriander. The final touch is a light sprinkling of five-spice seasoning. I can never go there and not order this dish. Crispy, crispy, crispy—it’s all about the crisp! So good! I also love the roast duck on rice, which has a faint star anise/pepper taste."
Pizza diavola
"To me, this is the best pizza in Dallas. The dough is thinly rolled and baked in a fireplace chamber. It only takes two to three minutes for this light, slightly charred crust to come to your table. It's thin, crispy, and topped with roasted jalapeños and sopressata—my favorite! I add sausage to mine and enhance it with spicy chili olive oil."
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Lobster & shiitake mushroom salad
"The lobster meat is mixed with onions, cherry tomatoes, serrano chile, and cilantro tossed in a yuzu dressing and placed over Bibb lettuce. Roll it up like a taco: sweet, citrusy, spicy, and ocean-fresh. It’s a clean and precisely tasty (but expensive) dish."
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Brisket tacos
"This is an iconic Dallas dish. The brisket is braised until its fall-apart tender and full of flavor, and it’s served with dipping jus and avocado slices. Many have tried, but no one does brisket tacos like Mia’s."

From My Menu

Chef Espartaco Borga reviews Crisped foie gras at The Mercury
$$$ | Modern, | American
North Dallas
1 Review
"This is one of very few places that truly know how to sear and cook foie gras. Its sweet demi-glace and chanterelle mushroom ragoût are a sublime finish."
Chef Jim Severson reviews French martini at The Mercury
$$$ | Modern, | American
North Dallas
1 Review
"This is technically not food, but the bar does serve a little platter of assorted noshes: pistachios, olives, and crunchies. So in a sense, it’s like a small and quick pre-dinner appetizer. It keeps my wife and me coming back."