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"*When your date is eyeing your plate but you're also eyeing theirs.* "Wanna trade a bite?""
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"On Tuesday, March 20th we officially come out of the deep, dark, Abyss of what is Winter. So, we are releasing a @deschutesbeer ABYSS variant flight that includes: 2015 Reserve, 2016 Reserve, 2017 Rum Abyss & 2017 Tequila Abyss. Flights will be available until they’re all GONE!"
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"Save room for dessert and ask your server about our rotating cobbler. (Don't forget the ice cream scoop!)"
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"We’d tell you what’s included in the Hungry Farmer... but is that really necessary. 🤤"
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"If we don't see you tonight we'll catch you at brunch. 😉🍳"
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