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Jim Botsacos is a chef. He was the chef/partner who got three stars from the New York Times for his Greek restaurant Molyvos before he hit 30. He's been on television, penned a cookbook, opened the equally loved Italian Abboccato, has his own brand of buttery, peppery Greek olive oil, and has been featured in a slew of stories in print.


  • Three Stars (Molyvos)
    The New York Times
  • Best Restaurants (Molyvos)
    New York Magazine
  • Top 100 (Molyvos)
    Time Out New York
  • New Greek Cuisine by Chef Jim Botsacos
    New Greek Foods LLC
  • Author
    The New Greek Cuisine cookbook
  • Best in America (Molyvos)
    Esquire magazine

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Foie gras terrine
"This hip, downtown restaurant is has become a popular hangout for chefs and late-night food lovers. All the food is great, but the foie gras terrine served with warm brioche is fantastic."
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Square slice
"I take my kids here every chance I get. It’s the closest thing to the pizza of my childhood while growing up in the Bronx. The square slice (Sicilian, as we know it) has a slightly sweet sauce that is the perfect complement to the melted mozzarella cheese, and its lightly pan-fried bottom crust speaks to my soul."
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Original 5 Napkin Burger
"This is a nice sized burger—10 ounces to be exact. It's juicy and has well-balanced toppings, like caramelized onions, Gruyère cheese, and rosemary aioli, all on a soft white roll. Try a side of housemade pickles, and wash it down with a Stella on top."
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Shack-cago Dog
"Shake Shack has great burgers, shakes, and dogs. Try the Shack-cago Dog, a Vienna all-beef dog topped with Shake Shack relish, onions, cucumbers, pickles, tomatoes, sport peppers, celery salt, and mustard, all served on a poppy seed bun. The ingredients are all very fresh and work well with the fattiness of the dog."
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Fried yardbird
"This is a very cool Harlem spot with a really lively bar crowd. The yardbird is an amazing dish: a nice sized portion of succulent fried chicken with crispy, yet tender skin. It also comes with white mace gravy and mashed potatoes, which brings the whole dish together."
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"Taboon gets its name from the Arabic word for the domed oven used to bake their puffy flatbread. The bread arrives piping-hot with creamy feta, eggs, jalapeños, and onions. How could you not order one? For the ultimate treat, try it with a side of hummus."