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Naniwa roll
"Bob's off-menu special roll features a little bit of everything delicious: tuna, crab, yellowtail, salmon, avocado, cucumber, and fish eggs on the outside. It's a whole meal in a roll and my favorite take-out to watch Dexter with."
Chef Carol Wallack reviews  at
Chorizo-stuffed medjool dates
"Apparently, I am a bacon addict. Sweet and salty is a winning combo in this dish, complimenting the salty bacon and chorizo with the syrupy, sweet dried fruit."
Chef Carol Wallack reviews  at
Lamb & brandy dumplings
"Bill Kim hits it out of the park with these scrumptious lamb-filled dumplings served with edamame and a delicious cumin vinaigrette."
Chef Carol Wallack reviews  at
Bacon chocolate chip cookies
"Mindy takes bacon to a whole new level in these cookies; they're truly 'da bomb.' They're made with bacon grease, so the bacon flavor is literally everywhere. Bacon and chocolate together is an amazing combination."
Chef Carol Wallack reviews  at
Sweet 'n salty pancake platter
"In my opinion, you can never go wrong with bacon. This breakfast hits the spot: pancakes filled with applewood-smoked bacon, served with eggs and pork sausage links. Look for it on their Sunday brunch menu."
Chef Carol Wallack reviews  at
Hamachi crudo
"This dish is simply delicious. Ryan Poli adds the perfect amount of seasoning to accompany the clean, fresh hamachi, and the add-ons hit every note you expect in a ceviche: creamy, crunchy, spicy, cool. He has truly found his voice. That and an artichoke salad with roasted beets, arugula, Valdeón blue cheese, and crispy artichoke chips, and you've got yourself a fresh and seasonally delicious meal."