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Chef Tim Luym is the consulting chef for Attic Restaurant and the chef for Buffalo Theory. Growing up in San Francisco he spent most of his time in the kitchen with his mother. During his time in the California Culinary Academy in San Francisco, he got a real education in serious French cooking working in Charles Nob Hill, when Melissa Perello was the chef.


  • Rising Star Chef
    San Francisco Chronicle
  • Three Stars (Poleng Lounge)
    San Francisco Chronicle

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"Damn! This is the truth! Nothing more to say... The picture says it all."
Octopus Suckers Appetizer
"I actually just made up the name for this tasty treat. What blows my mind the most is the texture, like a crunchy-pop, with some ponzu, grated radish, and scallions."
Pig Skin Spaghetti with Clams
"What a brilliant take on a classic, vongole! The texture and functionality of the skin, mixed in with the clams, making a tasty gelatinous, sticky, scrumptious sauce just hit the spot."
"Great cheap street tacos cooked on the street (parking lot actually). Lengua, chorizo, or tripas. Even more exciting if you go late at night. You might get in a fight or stabbed, but believe you me it's worth it!"
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Mochiko chicken
"It's legit here. They have this fried chicken over rice (mochiko chicken), which is the hawaiian version of chicken karage. It's crispy, super flavorful thigh meat, which I love. Also tried several of their spicy musubi, (fried rice-stuffed seaweed). If you wanna make a true poke yourself, you can buy everything at the market here."
Chef Tim Luym reviews  at post.venue.name
Bò 7 món
"You can order à la carte but it’s known for a full seven courses of beef, brought out consecutively. First a raw beef dish to dip in oil broth, then beef wrapped in grape leaves, meatballs grilled with Vietnamese herbs, and more! Plus rice paper to dip in water for rolls. It’s kinda interactive because you’re making the dish as you eat it. Go with a big group and share everything."

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